The first moment you can catch a glimpse of the sun peeking over the edge of the horizon is always incredibly peaceful. Whether the night has been long and dark, whether the thoughts have been heavy and gone in circles. Just when the sun is shining, there is hope and peace. Co-creator of the music is the sound of a hanging birch standing in front of my father’s cottage. Under that tree I have stood many times and looked out over SeierØ bay while the sun rose.
With The Dim The Darkness Came is an ambient and cinematic album that explores silence, contemplation in the moment, spirituality, history, thoughts and visions. The aim is to create an interreligious sound universe that, through the music archives of history, creates a current sound image that invites open questions; to reflect on what gives meaning, faith and hope, and what people have previously believed in and been willing to fight for.

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