#2.10 The Malibu Beachband ; Tougher Than The Rest

‘ To cover Bruce Springsteen is a complex task, because he is one of the biggest living songwriters. The version of “Tougher Than The Rest” from the Copenhagen-based project

The Malibu BeachBand is an interesting take on a sombre and desolate song, consumed with the difficulties of love. It deconstructs the conventional notion of masculinity. Enjoy…💥💥💥💥 ‘


#1.5 The Malibu BeachBand; Freestyle Alternatives (EP Release)

The Malibu Beach Band is a collective of acclaimed, innovative and idiosyncratic musicians working for creating a unique, moving and smouldering ambient indie music. The architect behind the collective is producer and composer Tomas Raae.

The music presents a strong emphasis on sound and sonic semiotic meaning within the context of a clear lyrical expression based in a strong interest in relations, existentialism, and modern music history.

This is an Ep of alternative versions in which The Malibu Beachband explores the material, and offers enjoyed blood and excitement ….

#2.4.2020 Weird Times / Lots of Work

Just finished 2 records. Both are sent to mix and master now. Pheew. Feels super. They are both centered on improvisation, in an ambient environment. The one around my lovely old double bass, the other more pure and minimalist and pure in its expression – called ‘With The Dim The Darkness Came, and is published on the label Kontentum. Looking forward to release them both <3

#14.02.2020 Greetings From The North (Alt. Vers.)

New Single : The Malibu BeachBand : Greetings From The North (Alt. Version) …….