For many years Tomas Raae has been working with top artists on the Danish music scene as a musician, arranger and producer. Among them Alberte Winding, Rosa Lux & Sara Grabow.

However now the time has come to put his own musical visions into the limelight and in early 2018 he released the singles ‘Shoegazing/For Emily’ and ‘At the Wall’ that received instant recognition. Both songs went straight to the Spotify-playlists ‘New Indie & Alt’ , Northern Indie ‘ and ‘Indie Du Kender’. A solid testament to the quality in Tomas Raae’s music.

A well defined soundscape of haunting beauty and enticing details where ambient guitar lines and middle-Eastern textures collide with tribal rhythms and tender vocal harmonies.
A truly unique og very captivating musical universe that is best described as ‘cinematic’, ‘breezy’ and ‘soothing melancholic’.

In June 2018 the debut-EP ‘Wastelands’ was released and in October the same year Raae unveiled another Ep ‘She Is Beautiful’ – before his latest release in February 2019  ‘Freestyle Hits’.

More music will follow soon. So come along for the ride. The voyage has only just begun.