Tomas Raae (1978). Cinematic producer Tomas Raae has for many years been working with top artists on the Danish music scene as a musician, arranger and producer. Among them Alberte Winding, Rosa Lux & Sara Grabow. On a day to day basis Tomas Raae is composer and producer for in music, film and theater – and partly as a working musician.  

The music of Tomas Raae presents a strong emphasis on sooting sounds and sonic semiotic meaning within the context of a clear musical and lyrical expression. Lyrics are based in a strong interest in relations, existentialism and modern music history.

Furthermore, Tomas Raae is the architect behind the band – The Malibu Beach Band. It is a collective of acclaimed, innovative and idiosyncratic musicians working for creating a unique, moving and smouldering ambient indie music.