#10.5.19 SPring..!

After winter, the release of ‘Freestyle Hits’ and ‘En Forestilling Om Kærlighed’ – it is finally time to launch new ideas. Working on 3 new and exciting projects. An EP with The Malibu BeachBand, an ambient and cinematic full album with the work title ‘And With The Dim The Darkness Came’ and a beautiful and meditative project with my hero and friend, the sound artist Jakob Thorkild

#12.12.18 Freestyle Hits Release at 1.2

Very Proud to announce that the first ‘Tomas Raae & The Malibu BeachBand album, Freestyle Hits, will be released 1.2.19. I am so much looking forward.  Again Thanks to all the amazing musicians, Signe og Martin, Kamilla Rillbar, Nordsøe Records, KODA, Artist Forbundet & Djbfa.


#7.11.18 WORK/EXIL

WORKING in the next Malibu BeachBand record, and also a little dark Suite of ambience music – which maybe will be named ‘ After The Dim, The Darkness Came’.

To get working space I travelled to a lovely place, called Sanary Sur Mer. It’s still kind of summer, but no tourist. Perfect for the purpose….


2.11.18 Just Released my second Ep ‘She Is Beautiful’. It is a little darker than my first. Very Proud and excited about it. Thanks to my amazing band, The Malibu Beachband. Mads Andersen, Bjørn Heebøl, Adam Wiinberg, Tine Vitkov, Cecilie Svensson, Alice Carreri, Jakob Thorkild, Andreas Käehne, Lisbeth Sagen, Andreas Bernit, Signe Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen, August Wanngre, Brian Mørk.


A kind of John Irwing song. Always loved his way of writing about quirky characters. It’s a foggy univers, featuring Tine Vitkovs amazing Clarinet and Cecilile Svensons beautiful voice. Accompanied by especially selected and favorite musician, my collective ensemble – The Malibu Beach Band.


Just started working on the third EP with Kristian Krohn, Andreas Fuglebæk & and Mads Andersen + speciel guest. It’s a kind of highway folk – Townes Van Zandt meets Bruce S….