Joined a new band – named Montauk. Montauk is a Copenhagen-based folk/americana band, that cares for timeless tunes and a simple sound.

The female vocal is full of charm and leads us through the light, darkness and love in human, the nature, dusty roads and dead ends. The music is handplayed and has its own special sound.

#30.7.19 Post-Vacation-Time

Post-Vacation-Time; Looking forward to the next couple of month. I am close to finish a new Ep with The Malibu BeachBand, working on a Foto Essay from a journey to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, The WestBank and Golan, an dark  ambient collections of instrumental pieces of music and a, nearly jazzy, album as well. Last one with the main focus on the double bass as an instrument…

#27.6.2019 Copenhagen Jazzfestival

A little tight program the next few days at Copenhagen Jazzfestival

27.6 Lizette Flannov, Henrik Bay, Niels Stuart (Flipper) – Kanalrundfart JAZZ-CRUISE, Kajplads 4 kl.19
28.6 Ninna Milner Juel, Iben Lignel, Lisbeth Egesholm , Mads Søndergaard, Jacob Melchior – Cafe intime kl 20
29.6 Lena Bjørvig Trio – First Hotel Twenty-seven kl 17
29.6 Lena Bjørvig, Andreas Bay Estrup, Mikkel Jakobsen – Cafe Intime kl 20
1.7 Holger Rønnow Kvartet – Cafe Intime kl 20
5.7 Lizette Flanov, Henrik Bay – Kanalrundfart JAZZ-CRUISE, Kajplads 4 kl.17
6.7 Mariehøns (Tine Kjær Jørgensen, Elisabeth Sørensen, Christian Bluhme, Mads Andersen) Lundeborg Havnefest kl 10
7.7 Bon Tempi (Alice Carreri, Nicolai Valdemar Flyvbjerg Kornerup) – Impact Roasters, Valby Langgade 128 kl 16.30
7.7 Bon Tempi (Alice Carreri, Nicolai Kornerup) – Cafe Intime kl 20
8.7 Lena Bjørvig kvartet – H9 kl 16
8.7 Persille Ingerslev, Jacob Stage, Lars Emil Riis Madsen – Cafe Intime kl 20
10.7 Lizette Flanov, Henrik Bay, Mads SØndergaard – Kanalrundfart JAZZ-CRUISE, Kajplads 4 kl.19
11.7 Ninna Millner, Lars Emil – Cafe Floss Basements kl 16
11.7 Laura Faurschou, Jonas Berg – Hotel Absalon kl 20
12.7 Bon Tempi (Alice Carreri, Nicolai Kornerup) – H9 kl 12.30
12.7 Lena Bjørvig kvartet – H9 kl 16
12.7 Sasha Bay Neierdi, Henrik Bay, Mikkel Jakobsen – Cafe Intime kl 20
13.7 Lena Bjørvig, Pelle Von Bülow – Vinbaren Vesterbro Torv kl 13

13.7 Ronald Anderson kvintet – Axeltorv Bodega kl 17

#10.5.19 SPring..!

After winter, the release of ‘Freestyle Hits’ and ‘En Forestilling Om Kærlighed’ – it is finally time to launch new ideas. Working on 3 new and exciting projects. An EP with The Malibu BeachBand, an ambient and cinematic full album with the work title ‘And With The Dim The Darkness Came’ and a beautiful and meditative project with my hero and friend, the sound artist Jakob Thorkild

#12.12.18 Freestyle Hits Release at 1.2

Very Proud to announce that the first ‘Tomas Raae & The Malibu BeachBand album, Freestyle Hits, will be released 1.2.19. I am so much looking forward.  Again Thanks to all the amazing musicians, Signe og Martin, Kamilla Rillbar, Nordsøe Records, KODA, Artist Forbundet & Djbfa.