A very cool documentary about a very speciel singer and performer – JADA. Very Proud to be one of the composers behind the scenes…. See Jada

Joined a new band – named Montauk. We are working on a Ep. It is Tine Kjær, Dan Hvidtfeldt & Anders Holst.

Post-Vacation-Time; Looking forward to the next couple of month. I am close to finish a new Ep with The Malibu BeachBand, working on a Foto Essay from a journey to

A little tight program the next few days at Copenhagen Jazzfestival 27.6 Lizette Flannov, Henrik Bay, Niels Stuart (Flipper) – Kanalrundfart JAZZ-CRUISE, Kajplads 4 kl.19 28.6 Ninna Milner Juel, Iben

After winter, the release of ‘Freestyle Hits’ and ‘En Forestilling Om Kærlighed’ – it is finally time to launch new ideas. Working on 3 new and exciting projects. An EP

So Proud to be Composer, sounddesigner and also bandleader in this Theater peace…!   Foto;  Martin Højer

A day I have been waiting a long time. Finally the day arrived, and I could release Tomas Raae & The Malibu Beachband ‘ Freestyle Hits’ . Listen hear 

Very Proud to announce that the first ‘Tomas Raae & The Malibu BeachBand album, Freestyle Hits, will be released 1.2.19. I am so much looking forward.  Again Thanks to all

So proud to play my Rickenbacker on this Album – Dan Hvidtfeldt; Syl. Also including the fabulous Anna Brøndsted, Eske Nørrelykke and Josefine Klougart….!

WORKING in the next Malibu BeachBand record, and also a little dark Suite of ambience music – which maybe will be named ‘ After The Dim, The Darkness Came’. To