Applying the old saying ‘United we stand’ into his artistic aesthetic, Tomas Raae is using a wide range of skilled musicians to bring his songs into fruition. Raae is a firm believer in the philosophy of the collective and thus he considers himself more as a curator of the musical output from The Malibu Beachband, than its actual frontman.

Hi is describing the band as ”my own musical bounty beach”, Raae makes the creative decisions, but allows the musicians an open canvas on which to express themselves. ”I put them into situations where they shine the most. That is why i think of The Malibu Beach Band as a collective or collection of likeminded friends than a traditional band.”

The Malibu Beachband is Mads Andersen, Bjørn Heebøl (Drums & Perc.), Jakob Thorkild, Andreas Käehne & Mikkel Dörig (Electric Guitar),  Alice Careri, Cecilie Svensson, Signe Marie, Thomas Winkler &Tine Kjær (Vocals) Tine Vitkov (Clarinet),August Wanngren (Trombone) & Tomas Raae (?)